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Large size Scratch Off World Map - with Accessories Kit and Gift Tube

We took our scratch travel map and enlarged it, packing it full of new detail. At 70cm x 42cm it is the perfect showpiece for any room, and a beautiful gift to give and receive. It's only just been released - GET YOURS TODAY


Geographical Features

Our design brief was to include as much detail as the aesthetics of the map would allow. We included loads of cities, oceans and rivers, and island groups. Also you'll find subtle shading for ocean depths and land relief to provide texture to your map

close up.png

Track your Travels in more Detail

As the larger format allows for more detail, we included all US, Canadian and Australian states. Not only that but they are all different coloured so can be scratched off one by one. Perfect for that USA road trip or just to provide that extra bit of wanderlust

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