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Rose Gold Scratch Travel Package

Welcome to the New Rose Gold range! We have replicated our classic travel map set with a modern Rose Gold makeover. You'll get an A3 world map and A4 UK map with a funky pink twist. Great for fueling your wanderlust for here and everywhere!

1 Hero.jpg
7 Euro Magnify.jpg
11 UK Detail.jpg

Large Rose Gold Scratch off world map 

After more detail? Why not try the larger version of the world map. It's bigger than A2 size at 70cm x 42cm and packed with geographic features. You find plenty of capital cities, rivers and island groups to wet your travelling appetite. A world of art in it's own right and a unique statement piece for any room

3 Part Scratched.jpg

Scratching off areas that have been visited in Europe to reveal the pink pastel undertones below

The complete kit unpacked. Full accessories included as shown below

4 World Scratch.jpg
1 Hero.jpg
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