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NEW Scratch Off Movie Poster - Top 100 Movies + customization Stickers

Our latest venture is a scratch off poster displaying a collection of 100 of the greatest ever films. We've charted them chronologically from 1902, right up to 2017. And you'll find every decade along the way represented. Scratch off every film you've seen and see just how well you know some of the all times great movies!

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An Interactive Cinematic Journey

Enjoy one of the classic films documented on the poster and reward yourself by scratching off the corresponding panel. You'll find a pictographic representation of the movie beneath the gold foil, which you can then choose to rate by using one of the stickers from the sticker rating sheets accessories.

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Premium Quality Gloss Art Paper - perfect for the film connoisseur

2 Sticker sheets with 164 individual stickers + Scratching tool

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